Getify – order restaurant food in advance
No more waiting for your food in the restaurant.
Order. Come. Eat.
What can Getify do?
Order food to go if you don't want to spend time in a noisy place. You order food, and we prepare and take it out for you.
Order drive-in — the waiter will bring food to your car. From there on — the whole world is at your table.
Order food before visiting the restaurant. Now, you can just come and get food immediately to savor it as long as you want.
When will you need Getify?
Lunch Break
When you have a short break but want that delicious beef lasagna from across the street.
Quick Bite
When you have time only to get a croissant from the store, but you want a freshly made pumpkin soup.
No desire to wait
When you’re out for a walk and want to eat THAT pasta but don’t want to wait for it to be cooked.
With kids
When you’re about to visit
a place with your kids, and they just don’t have enough patience to wait for their quiche for 40 min.
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